What is Women on Boards?

An initiative of the Office of Women's Advancement, Women on Boards is aimed at increasing the number of women in leadership positions in the Northern Territory.

Women on Boards identifies women who are interested in nominating for positions on government and business sector boards, authorities and committees.

Women on Boards is made up of a pool of Territory women from all backgrounds. It includes information on their work experience, educational qualification, skills and areas of expertise.

The Office of Women’s Advancement manages and maintains the Women on Boards website.

What does registration mean?

When the Office of Women’s Advancement suggests candidates for an appointment to a particular board, authority or committee, you may be included among those being considered, depending on the relevance of your experience and qualifications.

If you are nominated, you may need to provide further information to the requesting agency, including filling in an application form and providing a current curriculum vitae.